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Vascular Surgery

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These are the medical specialties that study and treat diseases that affect both the blood vessels (that is, the arteries and veins) and the lymph vessels. The angiologist is the doctor who performs the prevention, diagnosis, and clinical treatment of pathologies. Yet, the vascular surgeon is responsible for treating illnesses by invasive methods.   

From varicose veins to aneurysms, including atherosclerosis and thrombosis, there are several diseases that may require surgical interventions. In some cases, they are done conventionally, that is, with incisions outside the veins. However, there are cases that require endovascular surgery, performed through the interior of veins and arteries with the use, for example, of catheters and stents (in cases of angioplasty).   

At the 9 de Julho, the Vascular and Endovascular Surgery teams can treat any type of vascular disease with either an open or closed procedure, having as a differential advanced techniques in endovascular treatment such as in Thoraco-Abdominal Aneurysm and the hospital can offer the option through equipment such as in Hemodynamics, Surgical Center and diagnostics such as Angiotomography and Magnetic Resonance, as well as specialized ICUs for complex surgeries. 

To schedule consultations and exams, call 11 3147-9430.