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Urology is the branch of medicine responsible for studying and treating problems and pathologies related to the urinary tract, responsible for filtering the blood and excreting waste through the urine. The urinary tract comprises the kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra in both genders. In the case of men, it also includes the penis, prostate, seminal vesicles and scrotum. Therefore, urologists are also doctors who deal with issues related to men's sexuality.  

Every urologist has clinical and surgical formation. "There are clinically treated diseases that are the urologist's responsibility, such as urinary tract infections, pyelonephritis, orchitis, epididymitis, etc. All types of urinary tract cancer can be surgically treated by the urologist, in addition to kidney stones, prostate diseases, among others", says the urologist at Hospital 9 de Julho, Dr. Flávio Arêas.  

According to him, whenever there is a pathology related to the urinary tract, the urologist should be sought, regardless of the patient's sex or age. "The urologist deals exclusively with men only when there are diseases related to the prostate or the male reproductive system", explains Arêas. 

Hospital 9 de Julho has a highly qualified team of urologists, in addition to having the most advanced equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of any type of urological pathology. Among the differentials are minimally invasive surgeries performed with a robotic system and especially indicated in the treatment of prostate cancer. 

"All men over 40 must see the urologist annually to prevent prostate cancer. Problems related to erection disorders or other sexually related pathologies should also be treated by the urologist", says the urologist.