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Surgical Center 

Structure of the Surgical Center

​​​The Surgical Center of Hospital Nove de Julho is one of the most modern in the Country. There are 22 operating rooms - two them hybrid, equipped with a modern Hemodynamic device and Magnetic Resonance, which allow the execution of exams before, during, and after surgery.   

The operating rooms have sensors that allow for the automatic opening of the doors without the surgeon and team having to use their hands to open them. The surgical lights have video cameras capable of filming and transmitting the surgery in real time both to those in the room and for simultaneous transmissions.   

It is one of the few in Brazil having two Da Vinci robots, a system used in the world's main centers for robotic surgeries in the areas of urology, general surgery, gynecology, and oncology. The robots, which have been used in more than 2000 procedures since 2012, when the first equipment was acquired, provide greater precision in surgical interventions and facilitate the postoperative period.  

There is the Robotic Smart Room, which allows the physician to dislocate rapidly between two operating rooms, streamlining the execution of procedures in sequence.    

The smart room is a large space, subdivided in two operating rooms.   

Among the pieces of equipment used, others stand out as well, such as ultra-advanced microscopes for neurosurgeries and sophisticated anesthesia equipment. It is also important to mention that all rooms - including recovery rooms - have a modern multi-parameter monitoring system that allows for the close monitoring of the status of patients. 

The Surgical Center follows the best international practices with regard to patient safety and relies on the indispensable support from other areas of Hospital Nove de Julho, such as the Blood Bank – whose donations are exclusively meant for the patients of the institution – in addition to laboratories, Intensive Care Units (ICU) and inpatient units. All of them are accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), one of the most renowned quality certifying bodies in healthcare in the world.  

Hospital Nove de Julho knows that undergoing surgery is a moment of great apprehension, not only to patients but to their families, as well. To assist them in so delicate a moment, the nurses at the Surgical Center are instructed to provide constant information and all the necessary support to the families.  

To schedule consultations and exams, call 11 3147-9430.