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Sports Medicine

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​Sports Medicine is a medical specialty whose functions include preventing, monitoring and treating all diseases related to exercise and sport. These include, for example, sprained knee and ankle injuries, muscle tears, ligament and tendon injuries.  
But the sports doctor does not exclusively treat athletes or sportsmen. Sedentary people who wish to start a physical exercise program - to improve their quality of life or as a manner to treat existing diseases such as obesity, diabetes or hypertension - can reach out for this specialist. "After performing tests to evaluate the patient's health status, the Sports Doctor will be able to recommend the best exercise and sports routine to achieve the desired results without compromising the health", says the sports doctor at Hospital Nove de Julho, Ricardo Nahas 

Hospital Nove de Julho has a major differential in the service of this specialty. That is the Exercise and Sports Medicine Center. It offers a multidisciplinary team formed by sports doctors with expertise in orthopedics, rheumatology, sports trauma, nutrition, and rehabilitation. In addition, it allows for the execution of the most modern laboratory and imaging tests in the same place. 

To schedule consultations and exams, call 11 3147-9430. ​