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Oncological Surgery

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That is the medical specialty responsible for studying and performing surgical treatment for different types of cancer. "Among the procedures performed by the oncologist surgeon are, for example, the surgical treatment of melanomas, sarcomas and the so-called lymphadenectomies, operations that removed lymph nodes, since many types of tumors, when they start to spread, go to these organs", explains the oncologist surgeon at Hospital 9 de Julho Renato Santos de Oliveira Filho.   

The oncologist surgeon is also prepared to perform High Complexity surgeries, as is the case of patients whose cancer involves multiple organs. "That is the case of pelvic emptying surgeries, performed to simultaneously treat tumors of the uterus and ovaries. It also concerns perinodectomies, performed when the cancer affects the organs of the abdominal cavity", says Oliveira Filho.  

Hospital Nove de Julho has a team of highly trained oncological surgeons and is equipped to perform the most diverse types of procedures for the treatment of these pathologies. The institution has the most modern technology to serve patients, including nuclear medicine resources and sophisticated exams such as oncological PET-CT, which, through images, combines the patient's metabolic information with computed tomography data. ​​ 

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