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Nephrology is the medical specialty responsible for studying and treating urinary system and kidney-related diseases. The kidneys are the organs responsible for very important functions of the body, such as eliminating toxins from the blood, regulating blood pressure, regulating blood and bone formation, as well as controlling the body's chemical and fluid balance. The nephrologist is qualified to perform the diagnosis and treatment of various pathologies, from urinary infections and kidney stones to more serious illnesses that may require treatments such as hemodialysis and kidney transplants. 

Hospital 9 de Julho has a team of nephrologists specialized in both clinical care and outpatient treatments and transplants. One of the institution's differentials is its Kidney and Diabetes Center, which has a team of professionals with nephrologists, nurses, nutritionists, psychologists, and physiotherapists, among others. Its objective is to offer early diagnosis, rapid treatment and multidisciplinary care to patients. In a single location, they are able to perform consultations, exams, and outpatient procedures for the treatment of pathologies such as diabetes, nephritis, kidney failure, etc.