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Mental Health

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There are countless diseases that manifest in the body. But there is a wide variety of them that can affect the individual in another way: by affecting their psychic well-being. The study, diagnosis, and treatment of pathologies and mental disorders are part of the field of action of mental health professionals, which encompasses the field of activity of Psychology and Psychiatry.  

"Body and mind shall not be treated separately. After all, the somatic and the psychic are closely related, just like the two sides of a coin. For example, a patient with a panic attack may have physical symptoms such as shortness of breath and tachycardia. And a patient who has suffered a physical illness can develop problems such as anxiety or depression as a result," explains Ezequiel José Gordon, a psychiatrist at Hospital 9 de Julho. ​ 

A difference between Psychology and Psychiatry lies in the characteristics of the training of their professionals.   

Psychiatrist ​ 

Hospital 9 de Julho has a team of highly trained psychologists and psychiatrists to provide both in-office care and to provide care and treatment to patients and support their families during hospital stays.