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​​Homeopathy is a therapy created over 200 years ago by a German doctor, Samuel Hahnemann, who was based on a statement by Hippocrates (Father of Medicine), which says: "That which causes disease where it does not exist, can also cure disease where it exists", thus creating one of the pillars of support of homeopathy, which is the Law of Similarity – like cures like. 

Homeopathic medicines are extracted from the three natural kingdoms: animal, plant and mineral, they are ultra-diluted and elaborated with their own technique, following strict inspection standards, and are presented in liquid and globules, and must be preserved in dry and airy places, away from light and magnetic fields.  

Despite being called alternative medicine, Homeopathy is a medical specialty recognized by several countries in Europe, North America and India. In Brazil, it was acknowledged a medical specialty by the Federal Council of Medicine 34 years ago, and is also a pharmaceutical and veterinary medicine specialty. Today, homeopathy is part of the National Policy on Integrative Practices and Complementary Medicines for the Unified Health System (SUS) and its medicines can be found in some drugstores in the state.  

"The homeopathic consultation follows the same script as the allopathic consultation, but with more emphasis on the individual than on the disease. Anyone can be treated with homeopathy, from children to the elderly. Like allopathy, homeopathy treats acute and chronic conditions, and the treatment time, as in any other therapy, will depend on the individual response of each patient", says homeopathic physician Flavio Serpa Jr.  

The restoration of balance is the purpose of homeopathy, which means to promote the body's self-regulation. Self-regulation is a mechanism that every living being has to, for example, maintain blood pressure and blood glucose at levels compatible with life. In principle, there is no restriction on the use of allopathic medications. With the restoration of balance, allopathic medications can be gradually reduced, always in a responsible and ethical manner, always aiming at the patient's well-being. ​​