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That is the medical specialty that studies and treats blood-related diseases. "It is also responsible for treatments involving the so-called hematopoietic organs (such as bone marrow), which are those that form blood cells", says hematologist Fernanda de Oliveira Santos.  

The team of hematologists at Hospital 9 de Julho is prepared to deal with the most diverse pathologies related to blood, including lymphomas, leukemia, anemia, hemophilia, and coagulation disorders. The institution is even among those that perform bone marrow transplants: patients who need this procedure have a specific inpatient area for this purpose, in addition to being able to perform all the necessary chemotherapy tests and treatments. Another differential is the ward area specialized in hematology and with a special space for patients with neutropenia, that is, those with lower immunity due to cancer treatments. This care reduces the chances of their getting infections.