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​That is the area of medicine that studies the digestive tract and the diseases that ail the same. This ranges from simple pathologies to more severe and High Complexity, such as cirrhosis to cancer of the digestive tract. 

​"The digestive tract stretches from the mouth to the anus. However, gastroenterology excludes the oral cavity from its area of attention, as it is the object of study and treatment by other specialists, such as dentists and maxillofacial surgeons", says the gastroenterologist and digestive tract surgeon at Hospital 9 de Julho , José Capalbo. 

Gastroenterology can be divided into Clinical Gastroenterology and Digestive System Surgery and includes several subspecialties. Among them is Coloproctology, which regards diseases of the large intestine and the so-called orifical pathologies of the anal canal. Another subspecialty is Hepatology, which studies and promotes the treatment of liver diseases. "In the field of Gastroenterology there are also surgical treatments for umbilical, epigastric, inguinal and incisional hernias. The latter is the one that occurs as a result of surgeries such as, for example, a cesarean in which the stitches are torn", says Capalbo.  

Hospital 9 de Julho has expertise and tradition in gastroenterology care. "We have a medical team with great experience and we have professionals from various subspecialties in this area, which guarantees patients better care and more accurate diagnoses", explains Capalbo. The institution is among the few to offer robotic surgeries for procedures such as bariatric, oncologic, esophageal and colorectal surgeries. "That is a type of minimally invasive surgery, which provides more precision in the procedures and better recovery for the patient, with less pain and the possibility of returning to their activities more quickly", explains Capalbo. 

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