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More comfortable environment for patients, families, and visitors

​​ Internet access 

Upon registering for consultations or hospitalization, the patient can already connect to the free internet via Wifi on cell-phones, tablets or notebooks. All one has to do is fill in a form after connecting to the web or request support through hotel sector extension 6011. With these details, it is possible to connect up to two personal devices in the common areas of the hospital.  
Inpatients also have internet access in the apartments. To enable the service, which is free of charge, it is necessary to locate the Wifi network and enter the password provided during registration. 

Lost and Found 

Have you forgotten or lost any personal belongings during your stay at Hospital Nove de Julho? You can look for it in our Lost and Found sector. Just send an email to or call (11) 3147-6270.  

The objects found are kept by the institution's security for up to 30 days. 


For greater convenience to patients and visitors, Hospital Nove de Julho offers a 24-hour valet park service in partnership with the Estapar network. Check the prices:  

  • 1/2 hour - R$ 10.00 
  • 1 hour - R$ 22.00 
  • Other hours - R$ 12.00 
  • 24-hour period - R$ 70.00 
  • 24-hour companion package - R$ 60.00  


  • Up to 1 hour - R$ 10.00 
  • Up to 6 hours - R$ 15.00 

 Our doormen are also prepared to advise on other parking facilities nearby, should the need arise. 


Restaurant, coffee shop, and room service 

To offer more comfort to visitors and patient companions, Nove de Julho has food options within its facilities so that the person does not have to leave the Hospital to eat. 

 Room Service - It is possible to order snacks and/or meals on the telephone and receive them in your apartment. The menus of the Simply to Brunch and Cristallo restaurants can be found on the bedside tables of the rooms. Discover the options:   

Simply to Brunch 

Restaurant located on the 5th floor of Block C. Opening hours are from 6:00 am to 10:30 pm. There are options for breakfast, lunch and dinner and, during the week, there is a buffet with several options for lunch. For orders, the extension is 9446.  


For snacks and quick meals, there is also the Cristallo pastry shop, with two units, one that caters 24 hours a day and is located at the entrance to the hospital emergency room, at Rua Peixoto Gomide, 625, and another at the social entrance, at Rua Peixoto Gomide, 545, catering from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm. Payment methods are: cash, debit cards, credit cards or meal vouchers. 
The hospital also has a restaurant, La Plaza, located on the 5th floor of block C. 

Real Close to the Hospital Nove de Julho 

Do you need to buy something? Would you like to see the recommend hotels near the hospital? Do you want to know where the nearest drugstore is? Below, you may find a list of useful information for visitors of the Hospital Nove de Julho. Inpatients and companions may find more tips by accessing the interactive TV system or by consulting our concierges. They can be reached at extension 6011 from Monday to Saturday, between 6:00 am and 10:00 pm, and on Sundays and holidays, between 6:00 am and 8:00 pm. 


Blue Tree Premium Paulista 

Rua Peixoto Gomide, 707 - (11) 3147-7000   

Paulista Wall Street 

Rua Itapeva, 636 - (11) 3141-3000  

Alameda Apart Hotel 

Alameda Santos, 2015 - (11) 3253-6070 

Shopping Centers  

Shopping Cidade São Paulo 
​​Av. Paulista, 1230- (11) 3595-1230​​​  

Shopping Center 3 
Av. Paulista, 2064 - (11) 3285-2458  

Shooping Pátio Paulista 
Rua Treze de Maio, 1947, - (11) 3191-1100 

Farmácia Magistral Peixoto Gomide 
R. Peixoto Gomide, 515 - (11) 3284-4741  

Av. Paulista, 2064 - (11) 3266-4623  

Rede Farma Mil 
Alameda Min. Rocha Azevedo, 1060 - (11) 3082-5455​ 

Flower Shops
Paulista Flores 
Av. Paulista, 1159 - (11) 3289-4429  

Empório Flores Decorações 
Alameda Santos, 810 - (11) 3286-0771 

Hospitality and Amenities 

In order to facilitate and make the stay of patients and caregivers more pleasant, Hospital Nove de Julho offers a range of services and amenities. Patients and companions - as long as authorized by the medical area - may request aesthetic services in the apartments. Manicurist, hairdresser, and barber are available from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 6 pm. Just ask the concierges at extension 6011 for information on prices and to make an appointment. 

Concierges are available from Monday to Saturday, between 6:00 am and 10:00 pm, and on Sundays and holidays, between 6:00 am and 8:00 pm. These professionals can help by recommending hotels, restaurants, car rental services, laundries, and arranging for purchases of newspapers, magazines, and services in general near the hospital. They also lend items such as cell phone chargers, hair dryers, and notebooks, among other items. 

The hotel sector also carries out actions aimed at welcoming and hospitality to patients and companions. Such as, for example: 

  • Celebration of the patient's birthday with cake and decoration (for diets without restriction); 
  • Courtesy of hobby games; 
  • Organization and monitoring of PET visit; 
  • Virtual shop (flip-flops, slippers, and items of personal care); 
  • Targeted actions - BMT / Pediatrics and Oncology - such as commemoration of spinal cord attachment, games with hospitalized children, distribution of drawing kits, special dates, etc. 

In all inpatient units, the patients have an amenity kit that includes shampoo, conditioner, soap, flexible rods, dental floss, toothbrush, paste, and hair comb . The apartments have a minibar, access point for internet connection via wifi and television with open and cable channels.